return to the watering hole

where do you go when you're empty?
who steps in and offers that satisfying word that quenches the soul?
in ministry, in life, seasons of emptiness come. 
and i've learned emptiness is good. 
for to be empty, you had to have been filled at one moment.
emptiness can happen over time. for us, recently, emptiness has happened
all too quickly as momentum races, pulling us with it.
busy schedules. going to two services. community projects. small group growth.
to be filled can only be done by the Living Water.
because the Living Water is alive and flowing, it can be a sudden burst of life to the soul.
i describe the filling like the human body attached to an oxygen tank. it resuscitates. 
bringing color back. giving strength. 

[pastor and ruth drove us by this spot years ago. this rushing water can only be seen after a heavy rain. otherwise, the land is dry.]

springfield is our watering hole. 
we returned for a brief visit to share stories of God's provision, salvation, 
miracles, and work in san francisco. 
we knew our hearts would be blessed by being with such a sweet people. for the people have spoken love, support, and prayers over us. they saw the vision to start a church in san francisco take shape. they see it now come to fruition. 
as we returned to the watering hole, the people were used by the Living Water to resuscitate. to strengthen. to pray. to touch. 

one gentleman said, "i'm praying for you," with tears in his eyes. 
we looked deep into his eyes and with confidence said, "we know."
for the people are holding the other end of the rope. they get filled from the Living Water so they can bless us, pray for us, support us. we then get our fill so we can be emptied out to the faith community and beyond in our city. 
isn't this the natural picture our God has already created?
rain falls giving life to the earth.
winter snow melts to cause spring to come forth.
streams flow to another source refusing to be selfish.

we returned to the watering hole. we stayed but for a moment. hopeful to be a blessing. we left resuscitated. strengthened. renewed. we return now to our city, our children, our faith community to be emptied all over again. 
and i can't wait!
for when we are emptied out, we don't grow stagnant. He keeps us fresh. and He always fills in ways that breathe life. 

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