revealing a dream {the made well shop}



the made well shop comes from a heart thought while in the pit of waiting.

the heart thought led me to write a post about a girl restored and the woman made well. {the Gospel of Mark, chapter 5}

there is never a moment where God leaves us abandoned.

He’s always coming for us - pursuing us - it’s in our faith response to Him that He makes us well.

hence, the made well shop.

while passionately pursuing an adoption of a young girl from india, i have been educated about the slavery of girls and women there.

i’ve also been educated on slave labor to produce for us “rich folk” clothing at affordable prices.

i had to start thinking outside the box.

how can i love my daughter’s country beyond the realm of adoption?

how can i educate others to choose what’s fair for our sisters across the globe and end slavery? how can boys and girls, like my own, be an active part of global awareness?

how are you teaching your kids about the world?

the first item to be featured in the made well shop is a fair trade organic tee for kids that reads, “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.”

i have hand drawn our world with a box around the United States and am challenging us as parents and children to look beyond ourselves and learn about the world in which we live.

but to do more than that.

to pray and believe and educate and go.

to dream and write and create and give.

over 50% goes back to india.

yes! half of the purchase of the kid's tee goes right back to the very women who made the shirt!

this is a limited edition!

only 56 for sale.

that’s 7 per size. sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12.

what does fair trade mean?

this means that the workers who made this shirt were paid above the minimum wage and receive training, health care, child care, and savings plans. this is not the norm right now. this shirt was made by a business in india that is part of the Fair Trade Federation & World Fair Trade Organization.

how can a shirt be organic?

this means the cotton used to make this shirt was not harmed by chemicals or fertilizers that hurt the earth and you. so no chemical was used in any of the process to make this shirt. it meets the Global Organic Textile Standard.

the women who made the shirts have found safety and freedom from a life of slavery in india.

your purchase of this shirt allows a woman to live in freedom and live out her potential.

did you know that India leads the world in organic cotton production and processing? {fact found at}

i don’t know what God has next or what might appear in the future in the made well shop, but i’m so delighted to offer this tee!

the kid’s tee will go on sale this tuesday on the blog.

remember there’s only 56!

well, minus 4!



{elijah, age 11, rocking a size 12}


{sam, age 9, styling in a size 10}


{asher, age 7, sporting a size 7}

{kavita, not pictured, age 9, claims a size 8}


check back here tuesday to order your kids' tee!

and keep thinking outside the box!