revisit the past few years together {monday day dates}

one would think this would be a natural conversation between a husband and wife,

what the past few years have been like together, 

but i'm not betting my monday dates on it.

this requires more minutes than our kids tend to give us and more emotional energy than we can muster up most days.

all the more reason to have this conversation together.

this morning we sat down with a couple who are most likely going to plant a church in the bay area.

first, that's always a major win for us as we LOVE this area and want more people to know Christ.

and second, we shared our stories over a few plates of this...


it's more than can be captured on a phone camera.

it's the thickest slice of bacon, slathered in syrupy goodness and sprinkled with just enough spice.

they call it millionaire's bacon and you can find it at sweep maple.

now. what was i writing about?

oh yes. revisiting the last few years together.

this was a much easier conversation because we were sharing our story with a couple with whom we have some commonalities:

church planting. marriage. parenting. love for bay area. sports.

we got a moment today to verbalize what life was like before we stepped out in faith, before we moved to san francisco.

then we shared struggles that have shaped us into hopefully better people.

we laughed about some of our decisions and failures, but got to speak with confidence in what we've seen God do despite us.

i left our time together with this fabulous couple and felt like it was so good for our souls and hoped they were encouraged!

it was so refreshing to revisit the last few years together.

time goes by so fast and we often assume that the other person that sleeps by us at night is rolling along in life too.

talking about what we've experienced together in the past season or year or month is a reconnect.

and reconnects are necessary to fuel the passion in your marriage to keep pursuing God-given dreams that are beyond mundane and cause you to lean on each other for support.

while we got to revisit and reconnect today, why don't you try it?

invite your best friends over for dinner and share your stories.

that new couple at church or at work? sure. learn from each other.

i guarantee there's a couple that's just a few steps ahead of you or a few steps behind you that could use a reconnect.

that's our monday {day} date. extremely simple. but a deposit worth its weight in gold.

and next week?

it will be the 5 of us for a holiday excursion. and i'm certain it will be rather spontaneous.