Sam's Sunflower

Sam brought home a seedling of a sunflower from preschool in May. We planted it in our front flower bed and have watched it grow for a couple of months. Often, while playing outside, we would look at it and notice that the day was getting closer for it to bloom.
This morning as our family was pulling out of the driveway, someone said, "Wow, look at the sunflower!" We stopped the car and noticed the brilliance of the bloom.

We talked about how long we had waited for this day to see the sunflower in full bloom. It has taken several months, lots of sun and lots of water. We have had to be patient and let nature do the work that God intended. We get to enjoy the beautiful benefits...

It was a reminder to me that I often want to rush life, to rush my children's toddler days and get onto the next phase, to rush the season. Mysterious, yet magnificent beauty takes place when we trust that God is at work even when we can't see it and then - like the sunflower, those days come when we get to stop for a moment and be thankful for the process - that's beauty.