gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

they cause us to fall back and be blown away!

they make us smile.

they allow us to look back at God's goodness, acknowledge His presence in the present, and know He continues to go ahead of us. 

gifts are given to us to share with others. 

gifts are sweet.

gifts blow us away when God is central and acknowledged.


our family, along with the mccords (which are family!), were invited to ben and kim's home in tahoe for a few nights. 

we drove around lake tahoe, taking us into nevada.
we picnicked by the fire and stopped to gaze at amazing views.

the mccords have been a gift to our family for the past 3 years. they pour our lives with wisdom as they are just a few steps ahead of us in parenting. they are strong in leadership and hospitality. a gift we don't take for granted.

ben and kim are new friends. they graciously and selflessly opened up their home to the 10 of us, providing food, cooking every meal, serving as tour guides, and expressing hospitality abundantly. 

tahoe is amazing. the snow still scattered from a crazy shower at the first of november, there was just enough on the ground and none left on the roads. the kids sledded. we were left breathless. 

tahoe. a gift. friends. an even greater gift. can't wait to return and experience it all over again.