top ten marriage thoughts
from the two of us,
an imperfect couple,
who refuses status quo,
and is still very much a work in progress...

1. don't make the small things bigger than they are.

2. both of you are still a work in progress. God is not finished with either of you yet.

3. communicate about schedule and expectations every week.

4. date each other weekly. make this a non-negotiable. put it on the calendar. even if it's take-out after the kids go to bed.

5. if you want to see a change in your spouse, talk to God about it.

6. enjoy frequent sex. this is His idea.

7. dream together and spur each other ahead.

8. do what makes each other happy. [refer to no. 6]

9. bar status quo from settling in.

10. you can't make a great marriage so stay in His Word, the Holy Scriptures, and keep your eyes on Jesus.