the judge hears {an adoption update}

we just learned that the judge was in court today!

she heard the case of one of the A7 families!

she intends to give them orders at their next hearing which is saturday, april 18!

we rejoice over these three victories!

Untitled - Version 2

we are #8 on the cause list for Thursday {tonight}.

here's proof though i had to censor most of the page. you can see her name, the date, and our info at the bottom.

while we have the same judge and the same God, we are a different case and have a different lawyer.

we desperately need God to fight for us and k as our Greatest Advocate in court.

we are asking God to end this fight with a victory of verbal orders and written orders.

tonight as your family gathers for dinner or as you go to bed, would you extend your arms towards india and ask God to grant us favor with this judge and upon our lawyer?

would you thank Him for what He has already overcome?