The Pages of Lindsey Pilgreen

today, i've got my friend and sister-in-law, lindsey pilgreen, sharing her thoughts about the book. you can read more about her life and lessons at
thank you, lindsey.  

what an honor it is to share with you how proud i am of my sister-in-law and friend, shauna pilgreen.  not only has she co-written a book, the same page:  living your happily ever after, but the book is available today!

from the early stages of development, i fell in love with the core theme of the same page:  a story of a mother and teenage daughter in the middle of every typical mother and teenage daughter relationship.  what i did not know was just how much i would connect to each character until i was holding the book in my hands and reading the story, both stories, from start to finish.  you see, the same page is a unique book because one half is the story of independence and a journey of self-discovery from the viewpoint of the teenage daughter, and on the flip side (literally) you have a mother with unfulfilled dreams and a heart full of love for her daughter.

my heart immediately connected with the heart of ysabel, the daughter.  as a teenager, i was just as independent and determined that my mom could not possibly understand or connect to my life.  don't get me wrong, my mom and i had a pretty good mother-daughter relationship.  just as most teen girls though, i was convinced that regardless of what she said, i knew what was best.  thankfully, we both came out of that time in life for the better.  she never gave up on me, and she allowed me to learn from my mistakes.  as an adult and mom, i can relate to my own mother as well as adela of the same pagebecause i want the absolute best for my child.  as hard as it is and will continue to be, i want to allow him to make mistakes, learn from them, and come out better because of the experiences.  i want my love for him to reflect God's love for us as adela's does toward ysabel.

i am confident that girls and women of all ages can find themselves in one or both of these characters.  we all have dreams.  big plans for our lives.  goals we want to accomplish.  the best part is that all of that and more is ordained by the King.  this is what the same page is all about.  we are all daughters.  some of us are mothers or will be mothers one day.  we all LOVE fairytales...and happily ever afters.  shauna and co-author courtney bullard bring all of us together through the same page.

i hope you choose to discover this love story for yourself because ultimately it is just that.  a story about our King and His love for us.  if you would like, you may purchase it at AmazonBarnes & Noble, or The Same Page website.