The Sisters and the Fabulous Mom

The surprise has been told. The sights have been shown. But the moments we shared together have been bottled up in my soul forever. It's not that they won't be shared. They just can't be explained!

What I have with my sisters, I just assumed was normal. We bickered as little girls. Had cat fights as middle schoolers. Experienced female drama in high school. Then became close friends when we went away to college. We are three very different girls in the sense of our tastes, talents, and passions. Yet, our centers are the same, and have been since childhood - our faith in God.

Though faith in God was taught at birth, it had to become our own. It has been that deep core that keeps us grounded and going to each other for encouragement and support. I am forever grateful for the gift of sisterhood.

[If we can't stay at the Plaza Hotel, we can sure pretend, can't we?]

[The Cosby Show house]

[Angelo's Pizza]

Mom has a legacy. This is her doing by the grace of God and the support of dad. She chose to invest in us by staying at home during our early childhoods. She made the effort to attend games, be present at school functions, and chaperone trips. She opened up the home to our friends. She gave us space to make mistakes, but was there when we fell. She used the money she did make to pay for that prom dress or those braces that we seemed to be in forever!
She instilled within us truths. She has lived the example of a submissive wife, lover of life, generosity at its finest. She is praying for us daily. Because of mom, I am the wife, mom, and person I am today. Because of mom and the support of Ben, I am a stay at home mom. I want to invest in the next generation. I see mom's life full of purpose and faith. I want the same.

God has definitely blessed mom with health and life abundantly! So here's to many more memories and fun!