tidbit tuesdays {vol. 1}


{sometimes the words don't come to me, yet there's something really good to tell you. introducing tidbit tuesdays. nothing earth shattering or necessarily faith based. simply tidbits.}

every kid in a park logo

If you have a fourth grader, then you get a family pass to ALL national parks for this school year!

That's right! Click on this link below and print out your pass.

Of course, you must have a fourth grader. And we do!

And if you don't, and we trust you, you can borrow ours!

Our fourth grader that is...for he comes with the pass!

 Every Kid In A Park pass here.

Print off the pass and get traveling!

There are a number of places here in San Francisco and all along the west coast!

We're ready to see Oregon, Washington, more of our state and who knows what else between now and next August!

then again, we'll have another fourth grader by then!