time well spent.

when's the last time you fell into your bed at night and had those three words settle softly on your mind as you nestled in on your pillow?

you can with the latest gadget on the market!

{how does that sound for an infomercial?}

i'm not one to keep great ideas to myself, nor am i the creator of them.

yet, a few years ago i had the honor of having lunch with some girlfriends and an author i admire.

one topic of discussion was how to make time for writing when there's so much to be done around the house, with the kids, and with work. this author introduced us to the pomodoro effect.

here's how it works:

get a timer.

{you can use your smartphone or oven/microwave timer, but one that goes "tick-tick-tick" works best}

have a task in mind.

set the timer for 25 minutes.

don't do anything else but the task in mind.

after the 25 minutes, switch gears completely.

go move laundry over. grab a snack. sit down and play a game with the kids. exercise.

have another task in mind?

set the timer for 25 minutes.

don't do anything else but the task in mind.

after that 25 minutes, switch gears completely.

make sense?

maybe this 25 minutes is during a little one's nap, but you need to be better at using that time wisely.

maybe you're overwhelmed with that to-do list. tackling it in 25 minute increments will keep you focused.

the key is doing nothing else in that 25 minutes but the task at hand.

ignore text messages, email notifications, growling stomach, and wandering thoughts.

this works well with homework and school projects: work hard for 25 minutes then take a break.

trying to balance life with little ones while tackling housework can feel like a messy game of ping-pong. let the kids enjoy free play or screen time while you do that one task. set the timer for 25 minutes for all of you.

maybe you work from home. this works well here as you give yourself breaks throughout your day and gets you up and moving every 25 minutes.

try it and see if tonight you don't hear those words, time well spent, fall with you onto your pillow.


the pomodoro technique timer

my "tick-tick-tick" timer