being the only two women at a writer's conference,
courtney and i naturally gravitated towards each other.
staying up late at night, we dreamed of writing a book.
stay-at-home moms.
married to pastors.
young kids.
days full of connecting with girls and moms and women.
the past 3 years, nothing has slowed us down from pursuing this
God-given dream to imagine a fanciful tale for women of all ages.
to create a land where we could escape.
while there, discover truths about ourselves and bring them back to reality.
the same page: living your happily ever after was born.
the journey towards this dream has been indescribable.
and it seems like it's just beginning all over again.
i ask myself, "how did God chose us for this task?"
"why our hearts to inscribe this tale?"
with a mind still full of questions
with a heart full
we set out to share this tale.
maybe you can join us in person:
monday, march 26
crescent city coffee, ruston, la
6 pm [book signing]
tuesday, march 27
downtown coffee lounge, tyler, tx
11 am [book signing]
first baptist church, ada, ok
6:30 pm [women's event]
wednesday, march 28
cloverleaf boutique, ardmore, ok
3 pm [book signing]
first baptist church, ardmore, ok
6 pm [women's event]
thursday, march 29
quail springs church, oklahoma city, ok
11:15 am [Bible study]
first baptist church, muskogee, ok
7 pm [women's event]
friday, march 30
second baptist church, springfield,mo
6 pm [teen, tween, women's event]
saturday, march 31
southern hills church, tulsa, ok
10 am [teen, women's event]
maybe you will pray for us. 
we're leaving husband and kids behind for a week.
pray for protection & patience.
we get to look into the eyes of those to whom we've written.
pray for favor with readers. attenders. the curious. 
we will share our story verbally.
pray for wisdom.
we will meet fabulous hosts and leaders who have invested in us.
pray for each venue.
we are believing God for big things.
pray in agreement with us.
will you bless us by letting us 
know you are praying? 
will you let us know if we will see you this upcoming week?
we are honored.
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