Toot and Puddle

Since childhood, I have loved the work of Holly Hobbie. My mom read her books to me and I even had Holly Hobbie bedding. When I entered college to pursue my passion for writing, I stumbled upon the new works of Holly Hobbie, her porcine friends, Toot and Puddle. These children's books describe adventure of two friends who explore the world and the simple delights in their own backyard.
I have loved reading these stories to my children and have received many of these books for my birthday as Hobbie's books seem to come out then.
My friends, Toot and Puddle, came to town just the other day and I was like a child taking my boys to meet them and have them share their adventures in person!
Oh, what a dream it would be to meet Holly Hobbie and to one day write a children's book of my own! Dreams are not just for children you know!