Vacation, Part 1

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but we have been vacationing! We took off on Thursday, June 19th for Calhoun, Louisiana, home of Ben's dad and sister's family. Emma, our niece, turned 4, and we celebrated with a pool party. Like always, we ate very well. Emily, Ben's sister, is an excellent cook, whom I would put against anyone, betting she'd do the best! The cousins are getting to that "play well together" stage in life. It was wonderful to have them entertain one another so us, adults could catch up where we left off. The whole family was there. It was a sweet time. We left Calhoun on Sunday morning and made a visit to Ben's grandmother in Shreveport. It was the first time that Sam and Asher had met their great Mimi! It was a precious time well spent. Then on to Tyler, Texas for a week of family camp at PINE COVE!

Emma (age 4) Jonah (age 5 1/2) Sam (age 2 1/2) Joseph (age 2) Elijah (age 4 1/2)

Joseph and Sam (just 4 1/2 months apart)

Asher went skinny dippin' (and, no, he didn't stay in the sun for long!)