We want to be a part of it...


Central Park

Times Square by day

Times Square by night

We were prepared for a bitter cold weekend, but nothing hits you in the face like below zero windchills between skyscrapers in New York! That's why we always had a cup of coffee in our hand or enjoyed incredible restaurants/bakeries and a few Broadway shows - all indoors! But don't think we didn't do enough by foot, for we walked many miles enjoying face to face conversation with Brad and Mary. When we weren't talking though, we had our faces wrapped with scarves and earmuffs on! Thanks to my friend, LaRae, who gave me recommendations for restaurants, we ate pizza at Angelo's and breakfast at Lou's. We never got into Carmine's, but were happy with Nanni's for sure. One of our favorites was a street vendor near our hotel called 53rd and 6th. I asked the locals about it for each night there were at least 30 people in line at one time. Egpytians ran the booth cooking up lamb and rice and chicken and rice. In fact, fans love it so much that they have created a website for it! Our sweethearts waited in the cold line and brought it upstairs for us to enjoy...cheapest delicious meal in the city!

Nanni's (authentic Italian restaurant) Probably our favorite meal. Mary and I could have taken these men home with us, though our husbands wouldn't have let us! All eight of them politely hovered over each table they served and questioned you if you were really finished with your meal if food was still on the plate. (Ask Brad about that one!)

One of the church planters highly recommended Momofuku Milk Bar for compost cookies. I know what you're thinking...we were thinking the same thing. The cookies were made with pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, and maybe a few other ingredients...to say they least...delish! I got the blueberry cream cookie. Yummy! They even have a cookbook called Momofuku that explains the history of the place. Ben and I sampled salt and pepper milk (tasted true to its name) and Brad and Mary got coffee milk. An unexpected treat for the afternoon!

A friend of ours has a sister, Alison Briner, who stars in Broadway's Mamma Mia! We got great seats for the hilarious show and then got to go backstage and meet her! Alison is fantastic and will be a star in whatever show she is in! Plus, I'll be singing Dancin' Queen for years to come!

In addition to Broadway, we saw a live taping of the Dr. Oz show after watching an Olympic skater on ice at the Rockerfeller Center with Matt Lauer.
We had the time of our lives in New York and are excited that we will be living in a city in just a few short months. (We're also happy that SF is smaller than NYC!)