look who's moved into the neighborhood?


i can’t believe it! meet my new neighbors who will help launch Love Where You Live into the world on january 22, 2019:

patti, washington

rachel, california

jessica, georgia

natalie, michigan

cole, louisiana

brittany, hawaii

caryn, virginia

katy, california

mary, california

kathy, alabama

lindsey, california

laura lyn, tennessee

candace, california

rachel, illinois

praise, california

debbie, georgia

denysha, florida

elizabeth, california

stephanie, georgia

brittany, arizona

lauren, virginia

michelle, california

brenda, georgia

jenn, hawaii

lisa, california

rebekah, montana

abi, quebec

jenny, missouri

rhonda, california

mary, california

harris, georgia

layne, hawaii

ken and kellie, california

rachael, california

kayla, virginia

marissa, california

katie, georgia

hannah, california

ben, california

christina, quebec

frances, california

alison, georgia

lauren, district of columbia

didn’t see your state represented? there’s much ground to cover in the coming months as we get ready to launch this book into the world. let me know if you’ll represent your state well in the comment section below!

If time and commitments didn’t allow you to join the launch team, know that I still hear you cheering and that means so much to me. You can still show the world that you see & love them because you’re committed to the people and place you call home. and in your own way, own style, and own network, you can help get as many people informed about the book and get a head start with intentional living for 2019!

today, especially, i’m grateful. grateful for you. you’ve made this writing journey worth it and have fueled my faith on days i felt so alone and wanted to give up. and you must know, God sees every effort you are making to give love and show kindness and make a difference and He’s well pleased.

happy thanksgiving from my family to yours. from our table to yours and from our neighborhood to yours. it’s profoundly us!


who i'm learning from as a writer (and the rabbit trails i follow)

you can type anything in your search engine and enter into a big hole of knowledge and spend hours finding your way down deep and equal amount of hours to find your way back out.

of the writers i follow and the industry i'm learning, here are some places writers go to learn.

these are in no particular order, as of spring 2018, and just scratch the surface for great content and leadership.

here is who i'm learning from as a writer (and the rabbit trails i follow). i say rabbit trails because one great source leads to another, right?

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how i am writing a book

it's lonely and i like it. it's lonely and i kinda don't like it. i have days where i set myself up for a day at the office with an ambience that doesn't have to meet anyone else's approval. it's just me and the laptop. i've got my goals for the day, the week, and the month and i'm ready to get after it. 

every morning i'm praying about some aspect of the book, but typically the big picture. ben pauses to pray with me. i know i've stepped into a dream much bigger than i can accomplish on my own. through prayer, i engage with the Holy Spirit who is the One speaking as i pen His words. 

i thought this process would be different. i imagined i'd feel like i had arrived into this glorious circle of writers who have gone before me and are currently best-sellers. (yes, i see actual faces in this circle and i'm figuring out in my humanity that they are real people with crumbs on their floor, too) rather...

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