our hearts are in san francisco

whether you're citizens of this great city or coming to visit, i share the best of the city. i invite you to be a local and a tourist! 

Presidio hike sunset

Presidio hike sunset

tony bennett says “he left his heart in san francisco.” i feel as if we got the better deal...our hearts are in san francisco.

we love our city. it’s a growing, exploring love. it’s birthed out of our desire to claim jeremiah 33.9: “and this city shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise and a glory before all the nations of the earth who shall hear of all the good I do for them. they shall fear and tremble because of all the good and all the prosperity I provide for it.”

we want you to come alongside us and love our city. whether it’s a vacation, a business trip, or you want to uproot and move here.

Walter Haas Park

Walter Haas Park

strong values of our city

  • tolerance. people tolerate your views and values which makes most open to hearing your beliefs and how you do life.
  • less is more. eliminating waste, caring for the environment, reusing and composting are actions that lead to “less is more” philosophy.
  • community. urban farms, adult kickball teams, co-ops, and neighborhood block parties are just a few ways people link up and form communities.
  • giving back. people care for the homeless. corporations and start-ups take days off to clean the streets together. a pair of socks for the needy is admission to events.
  • diversity. the culture is a melting pot. you see it costco, on the school yard, and street corner. languages fly around as the various species of birds. collectively, the city thrives because of this value.
  • local sells. few chain restaurants and bookstores thrive in the city. people rally and support their own who rise up and begin their own thing.
monkeying around at mission playground

monkeying around at mission playground

discovered facts about our city

  • summer is the coldest
  • an sf parking ticket = the price of a night at the hyatt hotel
  • rent is expensive, but if you count all the parks, playgrounds, views, and experiences, you factor into the price!
  • fisherman’s wharf is for tourists only. you need only go once.
  • college football is not the main event on fall saturdays.
  • layering is key. never leave without a jacket (and I’d add a scarf for added warmth)
  • kids don’t go to school according to where they live, but rather the family lists the top 7 public schools and the choice is assigned through a lottery system. it’s a science and requires a special degree to understand. and we’re a public school family.
  • entertainment is provided free of charge on any public transportation.
  • food. there is nothing like it here.
  • the city finds any reason to celebrate.