photo by  @comeplum    calligraphy by  @thirst.and.thrive

photo by @comeplum calligraphy by @thirst.and.thrive


how to talk about your faith.

a ‘by faith’ podcast interview

Hi there! I’m Shauna and I’m so glad you stopped by. You being here matters to me. 

Chances are we know each other. But then again, some of you are new to me and me to you. I dwell in San Francisco. Not because I was born here or went to school here, but because me and my family said yes to the call of God to start a church here. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We had to make new friends (though we love our old ones). We moved far from family (nothing personal). We had no guarantee. We paid high rent. We brought three kids with us. And with all that was hard and scary and unknown, we believed God was in this and with us. The risk was worth it. And still is!

Do you know why you are where you are?

Can you see God’s purpose for you where you live?

Wherever you live, wherever you are on the faith journey, I am discovering right alongside you how to weave together faith and culture. I am sharing my findings in my blogposts, each page you click is full of purpose – all so that you can pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!


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5 ways to start your day off well

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