Hi there! I’m Shauna and I’m so glad you stopped by. You being here matters to me. 

Chances are we know each other. But then again, some of you are new to me and me to you. I dwell in San Francisco. Not because I was born here or went to school here, but because my family and I said yes to the call of God to start a church here. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We had to make new friends (though we love our old ones). We moved far from family (nothing personal). We had no guarantee. We paid high rent. We brought three kids with us. And with all that was hard and scary and unknown, we believed God was in this and with us. The risk was worth it. And still is!

Do you know why you are where you are?

Can you see God’s purpose for you where you live?

Wherever you live, wherever you are on the faith journey, I am discovering right alongside you how to weave together faith and culture. I am sharing my findings in my blog posts, each page you click is full of purpose – all so that you can pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!

for me, my roots can be found in texas, georgia, louisiana, alabama, missouri, and california. there’s no mistake on my journey, that if i’ve lived there, i made “home” as quick as possible to feel settled and sane. i’ve tried to leave a part of me in each place as my roots are uprooted, a part of me that left impact. though not always the story. each home contributes to the next home. suburbia feels normal until city living becomes the new normal. 

wherever you live...

wherever you are on the faith journey...

i am discovering right along with you how to weave together faith and home. I am sharing my story with each post, each page full of purpose and influence -- all so that you will pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!


this is us.

in this season of life, we are in this journey together - hand in hand. it's our responsibility to train our kids in the way they should go and enjoy life along the way. to model grace and love and lead by example. to speak truth and listen. to create a safe haven of home and give room for vulnerability and understanding of each other and our world. elijah, samuel, asher our boys. kavita our brave daughter from india. they are stair steps apart. best of friends. we see our kids as resilient, talented, and unique. we know God has a plan and purpose for their lives. together they make a great team. apart they are leader, nurturer, warrior and compassionate one. watch out world...


i can't imagine sharing this life with anyone else.

married in 2000, ben and i have journeyed down many roads that have taken us literally to texas, louisiana, alabama, missouri, and california. we have walked along the path with teenagers, college students, young adults, and families. we continue to share our story of God's grace and love to cross paths for a brief time or extended time with others. we planted epic church san francisco in 2010 and it's been the best step of faith ever! we try our best to treat each day as a gift from God and by doing so we embrace each friendship, each relationship, each moment. woven together, this is our life. and while we are here on this earth, we will live it to the fullest.


if i might add...

i’m a pastor’s kid. lived my childhood in camilla, georgia. i love experiencing all 4 seasons of the year. i’m emotionally nostalgic by storing memories and reliving them out of pure joy. i think jekyll island, georgia is the best little island in the world. i'd travel anywhere with my husband and we're attempting it as often as we can. i'm learning to love taking risks a.k.a. big steps of faith. i get a thrill out of ziplining. biking is pure joy. in my nostalgic state of mind, i'd be a confidant to queen victoria. if today were my last day to live, i’d live it right where i am and love and give every bit of me to everyone around me.