give yourselves away {a summer series}

can i just say how proud i am of you? it's one thing to live and work and go to school, buy groceries, pay bills, take care of the family, the pet, and the plants. it's a whole other thing to love others. 

you, friends continue to teach me and show me that when we give and share, God gives us more. our Compassion International son, Saddam, continues to teach us this each time we visit. we have an abundance because God intends for us to give it away to others. how does this pertain to our time? don't we all have the same amount? yes we do.

but i believe that how we spend our time determines how we see our time. 

do you know what two hours on a monday night, us keeping their baby so they can have a much-needed date night does to our time? we don't lose anything, they gain conversation and warm food! 

do you know that when our floors were flooded and family routine was unstable, the invitation to come over to their home, build a lego spaceship together and eat comfort food was just what we needed and we didn't even know what we needed! we got recharged because they gave us their time. 

i can tell you about far more days when i kept all my time to myself in scarcity, in selfishness. yet, i can remember and relish in the moments when i slowed down to give time. 

this might be one that starts with...


God, slow me down. i'm racing against myself. and for what goal? what prize? show me who could use my time today. 



i know i just asked for the most precious thing. i can give a few dollars, but my time? i'm learning that when someone gives me their time, they've given me something sacred.

play that activity she's been begging you to play.

take a try at his video game!

 babysit for new parents.

care for their home while they’re on vacation.

walk the dog.

linger with a friend.

how have you given yourself away this summer?

what have you gained?