6.22.14 {an adoption moment}



oh how good it is to write an adoption update! we've sat in silence and waited on the Lord for almost five months now. emails have been sent regularly with no replies. phone calls have been attempted with little to no answer. no waiting is ever easy. especially when waiting on an orphaned child you love and you know longs for love.

over the past few weeks, ben and i have heard about potential movement. not necessarily concrete news, but awakenings at night causing us to pray. conversations with friends that sparked hope. Scriptures that breathe justice and mercy from God the Father.

an adoption moment, i call it, but it's a bundle of moments that happened this past week, but an adoption moment is on the horizon.

this wednesday was a hopeful day. i'm so happy to tell you most of it!

the last memory i have of this mall was Christmas of 1998.

i had just returned from india where myself, along with fellow college students, spent two weeks at an orphanage and blessing a leper colony. upon my return to the states and gifted with Christmas cash, i went along with my sisters and cousins to the mall. i got inside and into the large open area and froze. i had absolutely no desire to spend money after what i had just experienced overseas. {if you've traveled abroad, you probably have had similar experiences}


plans were to meet k's friends from her orphanage in the atlanta area as we were in town visiting family. i've grown closer to their God story and their family over the last year and was giddy nervous to finally see and touch such new dear friends.

i was in that same mall, but the deja vu was just now exploding in my heart.

of course, i choked up when i saw them and we all immediately embraced with the sweetest of His love infused.

i showed the children a picture of k and they erupted. they were so happy to meet k's mom and brothers.

every second was enjoyed.

a ride on the carousel with all smiles.


meal in the food court where my three asked ajay lots of questions.

the boys wanted to know about toys and playtime and food and school in india.

 i placed my order at the chik-fil-a counter and the young guy waiting on me asked about my necklace, "is that india?"


"my heart is so burdened for that place."

"really? me too. and don't stop praying. God is doing something beautiful there." and i walked away wowed.


playtime on the indoor structure.


we learned much more about where k lives and what her days and nights might be like.

other children's names were mentioned.

i was so impressed with their communication skills and english.

it's obvious what a loving family and care and nurturing can do!

{many props to amanda, their mom. she works so hard with them and it shows}


ajay and smita loved mimi and called her such.

my heart jumps to think of her as k's mimi and to be able to show k these pictures one day.


we learned so much and i hold it all close to my heart. i share with you just this:

pray for k's welfare. pray for her caregivers. pray for her environment.

pray for God's love to saturate the place and for her to know He is near and is for her.

we embraced and knew with full and hopeful hearts we would see each other again with k next time.



i let the kids rummage through the lego store and i quickly scrolled through emails on my phone.

i had one from our adoption agency.

it was the perfect bookend to the day.

first, i experience deja vu returning to the mall with india in my mind once again.

second, i encounter a stranger with a heart burdened for india.

third, i engage with the most redemptive family in my mind.

fourth, i embrace truth that God is not finished with our story or k's story.

i remind you to visit a post 1.5 years ago when we begged God to work on our behalf and a referral came from that moment.

i can't say specifics except that we have a moment in history to plead before Almighty God for His supernatural power and showcase of His resurrection might.

believe God with us that He still has resurrection power!

we sit denied, but are asking God for favor with CARA for an overturn. a reversal of the denial. for the NOC.

start praying now and we'll let you know immediately when we hear news.

there is potential movement in the next 2 weeks.

here is our prayer. claim it with us:

"The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will." {Proverbs 21.1}

believe with us that God can bring back to life what is dead.

don't believe that God is good or that God is real?

i've been praying for you. i've been asking God to show His might through ours and k's story so that you might believe in Him.

the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament is the God of today.

watch how He will work. we will give all credit to Him who is greatly to be praised.

i will gladly remind you to join us in praying over the next two weeks. follow me on instagram or Facebook for prayer points.

please comment how many of you are praying. 
feel free to list names or how many in your small group 
or circle of influence will be praying for this specific moment.
 one day, i want k to know how many people were praying her home.