Happiness in the city

We find happiness in the city as we discover new things to do.
We find happiness in the city as we peak the top of the hill and catch a great view.
We find happiness in the city as we seek to explore something new.

Elijah getting a 'hair do' by the Bubble Lady at the Mission Bay Library.

My friend Kellie and I at the Etsy Lab at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. This is done the first Thursday of each month. Here we're making denim necklaces and to our non-crafty surprise, they turned out quite well!

Observing a cook following a hand-written recipe while making muffins at Mamma's.

Discovering Golden Gate Park Children's Playground with 200 other parents and kids!

Lawn Bowling. Hmmm.... Still figuring that one out.

Elijah on top of the world...just like he pursues life.

Sam coasting down....just the way he likes life.

We knew something had to be great up this hill as we had already climbed a good bit up hill by car near 17th Street and Cole.

And there was....an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, AT&T Park and everything in between.

Our family delights in new discoveries. It does bring us happiness. However, happiness is fleeting. Some days we struggle to be happy.
But one thing is true, joy remains. Our joy is found in the Person of Jesus Christ. And that joy can never be taken away or robbed.
And the beautiful thing is when we get to blend happiness and joy. We do so as we explore this great city, giving credit to the One Creator God and thankful for life and breath and health to do so.