a photo-less post.
a post full of words and wonder.
to those who are or have been or are considering adoption, you might fall right in rhythm as the steps begin.
to others, this might seem like a long list of 'to dos.' 
on paper and to the government agencies,
 it is a long list of 'to dos.'
but each document signed, 
each appointment booked,
each book read,
each signature written,
each dollar given,
is one step closer to one less orphan 
and one more pilgreen.

ben and i are praying fervently for favor with each step.
favor with people of peace, quick responses at various agencies, and with those who work alongside us.

step 1 is complete.
we filled out the application with awaa, paid the initial fees, and have been approved for the adoption process.

step 2 is the home study.
we are working on completing many documents
(this is a big task in and of itself) plus,
10 hours of Hague online training
read 5 books
official copies of marriage license, birth certificates, tax forms, bank statements, employment verification
2-4 page autobiographies each
determine guardianship of child
background check
3 home study visits
reference letters
pay fees 

step 3 is building the dossier. 
(this means all the official documents that will have to be presented to india for them to approve us)

technically, we are working on steps 2 and 3 concurrently.
the dossier uses all of the home study documents, but they all have to be notarized.  
submit I-800A form for citizenship 
(take 6-10 weeks to receive approval)
pay more fees

i've written about processes before. 
process of a book.
process of a church plant.
process of raising boys.
this process is no different in that we will trust the same 
Steadfast, Faithful God to go before us. 

"For nothing will be impossible with God." Luke 1.37

i'm so delighted that you are journeying with us to india and back. if you hear of others going that way, please let us know.
 we'd love to connect.
we've heard from many who are on the path to adopt and we're grateful as a family that this means less orphans and more sons and daughters.