A wedding ring and spaghetti noodles

The move is complete! Or at least the first one is! We have sold our home that we put on the market this summer and are living in a duplex for the next 8 months before we move to San Francisco. We are downsizing, holding a large yard sale soon, and are commenting daily how thankful we are to be on this adventure.

Last week while Shauna's friends, Angie and Meredith, were helping us pack, Shauna discovered while on the phone with Ben that her engagement ring was no longer on her finger. Thankfully, she had only packed two boxes since they had come back from lunch and only had a trash bag full of trash and two boxes to sort through! After a few minutes of searching and a stop to ask for God's help, the ring was found in the center of white wrapping paper in the middle of a box. But even in the midst, Shauna remained calm (which is not her first natural response!) and knew that it was a prized possession, yet it was just that, a possession. God is teaching us so much and we are thankful to have found the ring!

Then, once we got boxes over to the duplex, and started unpacking, we laughed as spaghetti noodles flooded the kitchen counter. It's amazing that in the midst of boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, that God showers us with the gift of laughter to get us through.