Ben's first time on family blog

Well it's 10:15pm on Saturday night, and I thought I would finally add something to the family blog. So, we really live in Missouri I guess! I woke up this morning, April 5, and it was 38 degrees. It did make it into the mid-sixties later on and was an absolutely beautiful day. Elijah and I played baseball, Sam and I took a walk around the neighborhood, and Asher and I went to Best Buy. We also took the boys to ChuckECheese today.

Tomorrow is a whole new beginning for me. It's my first official Sunday at the church and then Monday morning will be my first day in the office. I have a meeting tomorrow night about the Pastor's School we will be teaching at in Waspan, Nicaragua later this month.

We are praying for many things right now in our lives: the boys' transition, making new friends, the church, etc... One of the main things I'm praying for personally is that I don't let my identity come from my position here, either positively or negatively. Being a teaching pastor at Second will be what I do, not who I am. I am a son of God and Christ is in me and I pray that everything else I do flows from that. Please pray this with me!

And before I forget, Shauna has helped me make an amazing discovery: Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Sugar Mini-Bagels and Philadephia cream cheese (honey nut flavor) really is changing my life!