Day 8: Local Event on a warm SF day

We are never at a loss for something to do in the city. In fact, we're discovering that you have to choose. The refreshing part is that something is always free!
Today at Borders Bookstore, which is just around the corner and across the street, was a Toy Story 3 event. We probably made it a bigger deal than it was, considering that it was just our three boys in attendance and the coordinator lacked kid-friendly skills. However, she read a few books and handed them
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so activity sheets and that seemed like just enough for our Toy Story fans.

On the other side of the street from Borders is AT&T Park. Though a ballgame took place in the evening, the stadium was packed during the morning hours with World Cup fans. The stadium showed the game on the jumbotron. Needless to say, the streets were packed with soccer fans and in the city the world is well represented!

One treat we weren't sure we'd be able to enjoy here is the city is swimming. The temperatures hover between 60 and 70 degrees. However, today was the exception with upper 80s! The idea of being in a pool sounded splendid. We're thankful that two of our staff families live in a complex that has several pools! So we walked a few blocks and jumped in! We even made a few friends with some kids at the apartment complex. Something different I will say...Because swimming in rare here, most of the kids in the pool swam in their undies! I guess there's no need to invest in swimsuits if they are seldom if ever worn!