His Word in your home

i'm pretty sure it was His idea all along to have His Word in the very crevices where we live, lie down, and do life.


the Scriptures of Old speak of God directing the people to have His commands and laws written in their homes. {Deuteronomy 6:6-9}

then it's recorded that believers in the New Testament gathered in each other's homes to eat with joyful hearts and to praise and to enjoy one another's presence. {Acts 2:46-47}

maybe your house is quite different from mine, but joyful hearts and enjoying each other's presence doesn't happen daily without something supernatural!

so with purpose, we went into each room of our home and read Scripture and prayed for His presence to dwell.

maybe we shared what we loved to do in the room or what we envisioned taking place in the coming years.

then we took the piece of paper with the Scripture just read aloud and hid it in the room.

immediately a favorite for the kids.

slipped it under the mattress

placed it in the bottom of a drawer

hid it behind a wall frame

stuck it to the trash can

nestled it inside a book

and who knows where the one outside went

is His Word spoken



tucked away

made the cornerstone in your home?

i've got the verses we used as a printable.

His Word in your home

you've probably got some verses that have special meaning for your family

or that you want to claim as truth in your home.

write them out and in an informal way, make it a family night to invite God into the very place that He loves to dwell.