she said hi! {an adoption update}

IMG_0411 - Version 2

IMG_0411 - Version 2

she said, "hi."

it was 10:30 pm on the west coast and we were just about to get tucked into bed.

the phone rang and it was definitely an international call.

several attempts were made and connection would either time out or fail.

but then...

'connecting' appeared on the screen!

 and so did she!

emotional overload as we were all seeing each other in




our first time to meet!

she's so beautiful.

she smiled the whole 2 minutes we were together!

she looks like the most prayed-for-girl ever!

absolutely precious. peaceful.

our friend was overcome with emotions, too, as she was honored to help make it happen.

we were overjoyed that mr. p allowed it.

our friend took her a bracelet as a gift from us.

she had it with her.

she seems so gentle in spirit.

she's happy.

when we turned the camera to asher, K waved and said, "hi."

then she did the same to elijah and sam.

the only word said.

we asked if she understands anything that was being said.

our friend said she only understands and speaks her state language. no english. no hindi.

it didn't matter. her smile said it all!

our friend confirmed that she knew exactly who we are and that we are coming for her soon.

K had a pink barrette in her hair and appeared to be wearing a jean jacket!

she's so beautiful. so beautiful.

when we had to say good-bye, but were so thinking "see you later,"

asher said we must have a party.

his instructions: keep a low voice, no rough playing, enjoy something to drink and eat and write her a letter.

{note: we were in a hotel room!}

and we did just as he instructed! each had a sip of capri-sun and a hershey's rectangle and a letter was written: