storybook wall

a routine morning at the breakfast table and one of the boys was reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

the thought came to me as i stared at the picture on the page over his shoulder.

these pictures tell the greatest Story ever.

could i tell K the Gospel in pictures?

could her brothers tell her the greatest Story ever using pictures?

i set to work.

i ordered the best frames on the planet from some of our most favorite people on the planet.

they just happen to live in texas!

i picked out 9 pictures from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

i flew my best friend in from connecticut. (okay, it just happened to work out!)


her math skills paired with her perfectionistic type A self made the whole project exactly perfect.


but only with chocolate on hand. and lots of it.


we tore out (i know) the 9 pictures from the Jesus Storybook Bible (sorry sally).


we drilled the holes and measured the frames out 2 inches apart.

we taped the pages down to the frames and using the screws on the frames, we secured the glass.


as i looked over the pictures in their frames, no longer in the book,

i found myself forced to tell the Story. the words no longer there.

how will i sit on my daughter's bed, her just learning the english language, and tell her

that God has written her story and that her story has been woven through His story since the very beginning?


how He created her. He rescued her.

He wrote a Book called the Bible that tells her how to live life to the fullest.

He came to earth to show her how to live. how He heals and cares.

how He loved her so much He died for all her wrongs.

how He forgives and restores and makes everything right.

and how He's still writing her story. our story. His story.


we will all tell her the greatest Story ever told.

it's hanging on her wall.

the storybook wall!


my friends are offering the handmade frames at a fabulous price for you.

to either make a storybook wall or to display a picture that's a part of the Story

He is writing in your life or to gift to someone this Christmas.

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thanks to andrew and ashley boshell for their part in this adoption story from texas

and to dan and meredith jobe for cheering on this adoption story from connecticut.

and thanks to you for believing, praying, and holding us up through this journey.

hope this discount can be a blessing to you and that you, too, will display the greatest Story ever!

NEWS ALERT as of mid-afternoon Wednesday 11.26.14:

we have some "adoption friends" who are going to K's orphanage tomorrow to pick up their son!

they are making a bold attempt to see K, hug K, pray over the ashram, and potentially give K recent photos of us!

there's even the thought of Face-Time! my heart is beating rapid over this potential!

stay tuned and stay in prayer. thank you all.