thank you.

thank you.

the past 7 days has been a beautiful reminder to me that when we pursue a dream,

God grants us grace in the form of people to champion and cheer.

your kindness was felt by me as i opened my hands and released this book...

live sent banner sp 2

...this book that sheds light on our first days and months in a new place far from what was normal to us.

what i thought would only ever be a "i'm not going to be numb and paralyzed by the unknown" plan to be vulnerable to learn a new place and love a new people, has been written to give you courage to love the place and people around you.

so thank you for being courageous so early in 2015.

if you've downloaded the book, i'd love to hear how you will step to action.

how you will mobilize your family, your small group, your neighborhood, your church.

as the summer will be here before we know it, download now and start envisioning how you will engage your community with love and make a difference in the daily movement of life.

our cities will be better.

our families will be stronger.

the body of Christ will be more like Him.

it's a call to LIVE SENT. it's been HIS idea all along.

here's what some beautiful people are saying in cities around north america...

This book will be your first friend in your new location! I leaned into every page of this book, wishing I had read it years ago! Keep this book nearby as you’re unpacking boxes in a new move. No matter what location you’re in, it creatively guides you to discover purpose and adventure in the place God has sent you. Every time I turned a page I found myself smiling. Not just because of the winsome way in which it’s written, but because I could identify with the thoughts and emotions unpacked in this book. Get a pen and you’re shoes on, you’re going to be motivated, and the adventure is just beginning!

- Lori McDaniel, Global Mission Catalyst, International Mission Board


As an urban church planter in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., 31 Days in the City is an excellent resource for anyone who feels called or led to move to a new, unfamiliar, place. It would have been awesome to have Shauna Pilgreen’s book as a means of instruction and encouragement on what it means to “live sent” as a follower of Jesus when we moved to D.C. almost eight years ago. Even now, having lived in the city for a while, I plan to implement 31 days of “living sent” here in D.C. It will allow my children and I to discover our city in a new and fresh way, and hopefully be a blessing to those around us.

A great read, an excellent resource and a challenge to live the way that God has called us to live!

- Amy Graham, Discipleship Pastor, The District Church

When I (a small town/suburban girl) moved with my family to San Francisco five years ago, I was overwhelmed with the challenges and pace of city. I longed for a wise friend to come alongside me and show me how to be a mom in the city, how to be a follower of Jesus in the city. This is the book I needed then. Shauna Pilgreen is a friend to guide you through those lonely days of feeling new and overwhelmed. Her words are an encouraging whisper that you are here in this place because you have been sent, because God is on the move and you part of God’s renewal in your city.

- Micha Boyett, Author of Found: A Story of Questions, Grace, & Everyday Prayer

Get LIVE SENT here.