While daddy was gone...

Ben was out of town for a few days and it was just me and the boys! Now, I don't always have the best attitude or outlook when Ben goes away without us, simply because the days just seem to be longer and at that 5 pm time everyday, I'm ready for a break and some relief from the kids.
I've tried to be better this time round. I came up with a new tradition and that is to let the boys each pick out a eating place or snack place they want to enjoy while daddy is gone. Elijah chose a wing place in town and Sam chose ice cream!
It makes me very grateful for a husband that is so 'hands on' at home. I sure have missed him while he's been away.

Eating wings (Elijah's favorite food)

Asher gummed a piece of celery for the first time while we ate

The boys playing with the water hose

Asher loves to swing and be entertained by his brothers

While I was getting the boys dressed for bed, Asher was on the floor. Within minutes, he had positioned himself halfway under the boy's bunkbeds and was chewing on the bedskirt! I thought it made a great picture!